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Business Analyst Overview

The ability to find solutions to quickly resolve problems and move toward successful project conclusions is important in a business analyst role. A key aspect of this position is the analyzation of data, documents, and workflow to develop business solutions. A business analyst should know which applications are being utilized, what new results could be attained through currently-used platforms, and how new technology could be utilized to obtain positive outcomes. Testing software and designing business systems are a significant component of a technical business analyst skill set. It’s also important to note that supervising concurrent projects of all various sizes from inception to implementation requires strong project management capabilities.

A business analyst is responsible for moving an organization toward productivity, efficiency, and profitability. A candidate’s business analysis skills should be verified carefully and accurately at the beginning of the recruitment process. Do you need IT candidate pre-screening? Call Derrico, the leaders in one-on-one IT Technical Interviewing for over 20 years.

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