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The Leaders in one-on-one technical interviewing in IT for over 20 years.  We will adapt our personalized testing to meet your specific needs.  Derrico interviewers are senior-level IT professionals.  Our screeners discuss concepts and questions in a one-on-one conversation with your candidate. Derrico interviewers are thoroughly vetted and trained to create a consistent method of testing.  Completed interview results are returned to you in a timely manner.

We have an intuitive online dashboard that allows you to schedule your candidates for screening and see interview results. Our automated reporting will notify you when your candidate finishes their technical screening. Screening results can be mailed in PDF or Word formats.

Derrico Computers has an exceptional method of interviewing with proven results.

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    Our friendly administrative staff helps with skills needed for testing, scheduling, and returning timely results to the recruiters. Derrico will test in all aspects of IT dealing with infrastructure, security, development, support, administration, and engineering. We test on soft skills handling management, project management, and business analysis. Clients are able to see status of the screening from submittal to completed results using the client dashboard. A written report is sent by email and can also be viewed through the portal.



    Once logged into your dashboard, our clients are able to schedule screenings, monitor process, and manage results. Once the screening has been added to our system it is assigned to a senior technical screener working in the field and will kick off at the time and date scheduled. When the candidate is contacted we will professionally assess skills required for the client. We will contact your candidate and use adaptive question sets to find strengths and weaknesses. Once the screening is completed a document will be created and sent to all recipients specified by the client.